Commercial Glass

What Is Commercial Glass?

Commercial glass, also known as safety glass, is manufactured for commercial buildings. It is composed of sand, sodium carbonate, and limestone raised to an extremely high temperature until molten. It is thicker than regular glass. The large panes are customized to serve as windows, doors, or walls of commercial properties. The production process must strictly adhere to industry standards and regulations to ensure the safety and welfare of the building occupants.

How is it made?
A specialized furnace emitting high temperatures (1,350–1,600°C) helps make this glass. Its ingredients like sand, waste glass from recycled collections, soda ash, and limestone are mixed and fed to the furnace until it is molten. You may add coloring agents during the process. When cooled, it is poured or floated on top of big molten tin metal. The result is perfectly flat sheets of glass that have the properties of both liquid and solid structures.

What are the different types of commercial glass?
Here are some of the common types of glass used for commercial purposes:
Tempered Glass – It is a safety glass that is durable and not easily breakable. Insulated Glass – It increases energy efficiency and is UV-resistant. Inert gas fills the vacuum space between glass panes for high energy efficiency. Laminated Glass – Two or more glass panels bonded by inter-layers of polyvinyl. It reduces noise and protects your property from burglars.
Plexiglass – Due to its shatter-resistant nature, it is used in the construction of building windows, skylights, and security barriers.
Frosted Glass – It gives privacy in commercial spaces by offering a one-way view. The frosted effect restricts you from seeing the other side of the glass and vice versa.   

What type of glass is ideal for use in commercial storefronts?
The storefront is like a window to the soul. The customers and passersby could see what was inside the store. So, they should be able to view various merchandise on display to entice a sale. Therefore, the most common types to consider in storefronts are tempered glass, insulated glass, security glass, and annealed glass.